Montana’s premier
player rewards system

i•Rewards EPR Plus is the premier players club that allows players to redeem the points they have earned immediately and to interact with bonus games! Not only does it make it easy for the players but owners can breath easy knowing they have the most secure casino management tool in the industry.

Collection of Casino Management Tools
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Not only is this product the premier players club but it is the casino managament tool that provides the highest level of security in Montana! The system is gaming machine integrated which provides:

  • Automatic meter data transfer to MT State Gambling Control.
  • Automatic gaming machine data capture for financial reporting (no hand-keying data).
  • Automatic player session-based data capture for awarding of players club points immediately and for player analysis (average bet, etc.).

Rewards EPR Plus allows the players to log on directly on the machine and they can redeem points immediately and interact with bonus games awarded by the system.

This easy to use system has three add-ons, SecurePay dispenser, AccuCount cash drop validation and Mobile Wand, that make it the easiest and safest system in the state.

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Your security is provided with the most up to date technologies

Don’t risk operating your bar or casino without our SecurePay dispensing safe and our AccuCount accounting system. They are engineered to be the most reliable in the business!

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Our patented gaming cash safe and dispensing system set the industry standard. It offers a dual locking cyber key system and state of the art tracking mechanism that keeps your system running smoothly as it minimizes rejected bills and prevents dispenser errors. Single or dual cassette options offering up to 800 notes per cassette. Automated “low cash” warnings assures your dispenser is always ready for the next payout. An easy to use system with user friendly interface and security settings for each employee.

SecurePay cash dispener is covered under patents
#6,763,998 and #6,896,180

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Automatically reconcile cash drops against gaming meter data and post to the accounting system using proprietary software. Provides the ability to record emergency drops and standard end-of-day drops.
Never question whether your reported drop is accurate. Automated safeguards provide peace of mind that your system is secure. AccuCount will automatically email cash posting report with any gaming meter variance.